What to bring:

During day classes, please bring sunglasses, hat, light clothing or baithing suits, bottle of water and sunscream. We will gently cover your face with an fresh towel with essentials oil at the end of the class so you cool down and relax at last posture.

For the afternoon classes, if the season is cooler, bring comfortable clothes (long sleeves). During the final posture, the shavasana, we will cover you with a blanket so you can keep the warmth and the lightness of your practice.

In all cases, you will need a Yoga mat and towel to cover the mat so you won’t slide. If you don’t have it, we rent them @ 2euros each.

For the classes on the sand, a large beach towel will be enough and will replace the yoga mat. Feel free to bring an extra towel for the sweat.

For the Sup yoga classes and the Pinel Island practices, you can bring you own paddle board. The yoga mat is not necessary for these types of classes.

Washrooms, shower and the ocean are at your disposal so you can refresh yourself after your yoga class



Preparation before your class:

Preparation before your class: If you are coming for the 1st time, please come 15 min before the beginning of the class so you have some tea with us so we can get to know you better and so you can make yourself comfortable on your mat. This will help you focus before the beginning of the practice. The 60 minutes that you will dedicate to yourself if important. The day of the class, please avoid excessive coffee and drink a lot of water so you can hydrate your body. Do come with an empty stomach and don’t drink too much. Eat a light snack 2 hours before the class.

During the class :

When you arrive at the class, you can simply place yourself and enjoy the sky and relax before the beginning of the class. The silence is in place during the class and at any moment you can drink water, take a break if the posture is challenging. It is important you listen to your body.



After Class:

If you feel your body is tired or if you discover some new muscles after your first yoga class, don’t worry. This is totally normal. In order to accelerate the recovery process we recommend you to come back 2 or 3 days after your class so we can help you circulate you blood stream and also spread the lactic acid accumulated in your body. You will be ready to bring your body to the next level. Attending yoga classes 2-3 days per week Is recommended so you can maximize the yoga benefits such as mental and physical. If you can come only once per week, you will feel the benefits on the long term.

We will call you to find out how are you feeling and answer all questions you might have. Please feel free to share as much information as possible.



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